Death Songs (Part Two)

by Last Box of Sparklers

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released April 14, 2014

all songs written by Erik Gunnar Nyberg

all songs produced, recorded & mixed by Erik Gunnar Nyberg @ Secret Ingredient Studios

vocals, martin d28 acoustic guitar, gretsch parlour guitar, baby grand piano, drums, claps & percussion, bass, ukulele, rhodes mk I electric piano, electric guitar, philicorda organ, glockenspiel, melodica & mandolin played by Erik Gunnar Nyberg

dulcimer on 'So Long' played by Sanne Österberg, recorded by Sanne Österberg

acoustic guitar on 'We Pray a Little, a Little Too Late played by Jerry Sillah

drums on 'My Fear of Love' played by K-f Bengtsson

bass on 'My Fear of Love' played by Oscar Jonsson

vocals on 'Pin Me Down' & 'Make - Love - Loud!!! sung by Junkie Thrown



all rights reserved


Last Box of Sparklers Sweden

Last Box of Sparklers is a Swedish indie pop act led by singer/producer/musician Erik Gunnar Nyberg. The band has released seven eps and two albums.

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Track Name: I Lost My Heart
I lost my heart
no real surprise
it's dead and gone

I felt it crawl
all up my spine
i thought it might
have been a dream

You've made your point
no room to breathe
no wrestling here
a fair, fair complaint

I lost my heart
it's all a dream

I lost my heart
no messin' 'bout
forever gone

If you've seen it 'round
no worries don't
go chasing, no
it's all a dream

You've made your point
it's all so sad
no harsh demands
no place to stay

I lost my heart
it's all a dream
Track Name: Pin Me Down (feat. Junkie Thrown)
pin me down
down to the ground
but stay

silence grows
stronger than
iron bolts

so if you leave me here
quiet and still up here
we are likely to find some peace
under the velvet dome

break my limbs
break me in half
or thirds

safe and sound
bouncing harder than
rubber balls
Track Name: So Long
so long baby, it's so long
so long ago
so long take a walk
i'll see you down in mexico
so please, baby, baby, please
watch where you go
you'll be wanted and you'll be found
baby, oh baby, where you go

so long baby, it's so long
so long to go
so long, see you somewhere around
oh somewhere where you go
and please, baby, baby, please
send a card
we'll never see each other with the same eyes
oh, baby, baby, when you go

so long, it's never anything else
so long ago
so long take a walk
i'll see you with the eskimoes
and please baby 'for you leave
take this bit of dust and spread it
over mountains & over lakes
anywhere you go
Track Name: We Pray a Little, a Little Too Late
as i lay my head to rest
easy, easy on your chest
will you watch me as I go?

not so peaceful, heaven bound
put it deeper in the ground
will they watch us as we go?

we pray a little, a little too late

as i fade out into black
pray the vultures will be back
will they catch me as I fall?

we pray a little, a little too late
for our sins are created by fate
are all our sins just created by fate?
Track Name: Worn Out Page
but underneath it all
underneath the stars
like sadness we collide

so far beneath us all
we walk but not too far
we stay but not for long

and i wear nylon boots
so i don't get the wet inside
we sort of thought we'd be alright

we see the things we hate
we fear the things love
so easy on ourselves

the faded photographs
the worn out paper parts
from torn out pages, hearts
Track Name: This Might End a War
I know, this might end up war
I know, the wound might turn out sore
I sense a certain kind of dark
beneath the crates & willow trees
I know, this looks like a war

I know, there's blood spots on the floor
I know, you're someone I adore
I always used to say some words
they never used to mean a thing
I know, the blood looks like a war

I know these pictures on the wall
I know the deep sound when they fall
And maybe I should be afraid
or maybe I should seem afraid
but I know these pictures when they fall
Track Name: M a k e - L o v e - L o u d ! ! !
someone else is going to die
make it work but don't ask why
someone perfect way up high

I'll never be what you want me to be
I'll never see what your eyes want to see

when love's around
you make it loud
you lay it down
you pass it round
Track Name: My Fear of Love
a fog blows off steam on the other side
a faint smell an idea that you never had
it seems hard but it's harder than you ever thought
the tied ropes on a steamer trying to leave this land

my fear of love
my ever evolving light far way far away

a train crashes on your porch, you're to tired to move
a slow motion kind of thing and you're bound to die
it seems hard and it gets harder by the hour now
the bad commotion the disaster and you don't know why

my fear of love
my ever evolving light far away
Track Name: Fire Out Every Window
how did all this fall apart?
guess you never had a heart...

fire out every window
we could never be apart, no

every story has some quiet
just before the action starts

shoot for all the wild ones
we could never be apart, no

so fearless is the wind
so steady is the ground
we walk on

how do all the phonies last
time has proved itself so fast

aim for all the slow ones
we could never be apart, no